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Following Through on Our Promise in 2017
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Last week, I outlined 10 possible resolutions for Christians. I left out one particularly important possible resolution as it deserves its own space.


Every single one of us has been hurt by someone. It may have been a serious offense, such as a betrayal, or it may have been a more minor slight in which we felt damaged in some way. We simply cannot go through life without being hurt. And therefore, we cannot go through life without the need to forgive someone.


Consider making a resolution this year to forgive one such person in your life. It will not be easy, but I am convinced that it can bring you a sense of genuine piece.


I do not think you should forgive someone because what they did really wasn't that important after all. When we are hurt, we are hurt. Sure, things can look a lot different in the rearview mirror, but we should never minimize pain we feel.


I do not think that you should avoid or put off forgiving because the person who hurt you does not admit or realize they hurt you, or if the person who hurt you is not alive. Forgiveness is not about the offender at all


Forgiveness is about you.


When you were hurt, you became tied to an event not of your choosing. You were tethered to a time and a place the memory of which has kept you in pain. It is simply time for you to cut the rope.


We don't forgive, necessarily, to give a gift to another person. Our forgiveness, ultimately, is a gift we give ourselves. Especially if the person we have to forgive is ourselves.


But mostly, we forgive because unforgiveness affects our relationship with God. By not forgiving, we are not allowing God to dole out whatever justice is necessary.


Consider this: Every Sunday, millions of Christians around the world recite a prayer in which we ask for forgiveness. But that's not all we do. In the same sentence in which we ask forgiveness we also promise that we will forgive others.


The question is: When will we follow through on that promise? When will we start living by the prayer we recite? Perhaps this year.


You have nothing to lose but the stress accompanying unforgiveness, and everything, including peace, to gain.


And the best part is that if you ask God for help forgiving, He will help you. After all, He has a lot of experience.