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Forum offers chance to hear candidates
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In what already has been and will continue to be a far too long process on the national level, at least Effingham County voters will get a chance to determine some of their officeholders soon.

The next sheriff of the county will be determined by voters at the polls on July 15. With the only two candidates for the position each running in the Republican primary, the sheriff’s position will be determined in a matter of barely two weeks.

This may be the most followed race and certainly the one that is drawing the most interest. It’s also a very important one.

If you want to hear what the candidates — incumbent Jimmy McDuffie and challenger Rick Gossett — have to say about their plans for the department, you can do so at a political forum sponsored by the Effingham Herald and Leaders Improving the Future of Effingham (LIFE) on Tuesday night at South Effingham High School. The forum begins at 7 p.m.
Also at the forum will be the two Republican candidates for tax commissioner — Frank Arden and Linda McDaniel — and the incumbent, Democrat Lisa Wright.

Each candidate will have a chance to make an opening statement. A four-person panel will ask the candidates a couple of questions. The candidates also will have rebuttal time and they will make a closing statement.

There will be an opportunity to meet the candidates in an informal setting following the conclusion of the forum.

As always, we urge and encourage citizens to get out and vote, whether it’s by taking your spot in line on voting day or taking advantage of the early voting period. But we also encourage you to come out to the forum. We don’t know if every question on everyone’s mind will be answered in the forum setting. But we believe the candidates will be tested thoroughly enough by the panelists that citizens will come away with a better feeling for who they are, where they stand and what they want to accomplish.

This likely will be the only opportunity to have both sheriff’s candidates and the tax commissioner candidates in the same place at the same time prior to the July 15 primary. If you want to hear what they have to say, and if you want to hear the answers they have, this will be your best opportunity. We hope Effingham’s citizens will be involved enough to come out and listen to the candidates.