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Gifts with touch of Georgia
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There are some items available with a state government theme that might make thoughtful gifts this Christmas. Here’s a few with instructions for ordering:

Beautiful three dimensional Christmas tree ornaments from several years’ editions are available from The Friends of the Georgia Archives at, for $20 each. They are really unique and are available from previous years, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and this year’s 2009 ornament. Purchase all six for $100. You can view and order at this address.

The Georgia Building Authority has Capitol design Bookmarks at $5 each. They come in a clear plastic package with a short history of the State Capitol. They also have notecards available for $10. The only problem is that you must purchase them at the Capitol Office.
Commemorative flags can also be ordered with a certificate of authenticity. Order from, go to “General Public” and then to “Commemorative Flags.”

DNR gifts
You can order online from DNR has geological maps of the state in color and topographic maps that can be localized and framed. Also available are U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wetlands maps. A DVD/ROM for $30 is available with the state topographic and orthophotographic map where viewers can navigate across the entire state interactively: includes lists of thousands of locations for counties, towns, water districts, schools, fire districts and other geographic features and locations. For example, if you wanted a topo map of Hopulikit, a community in Bulloch County, you can scroll down and order one for $8.

Many DNR state parks and golf courses have gift shops with shirts, hats and other gift items with the park or course name imprinted on them which make unique gifts as well.

GPB gifts
Georgia Public Broadcasting has many unique DVD gift ideas available at their Web site:, go to bottom of page and select Shop GPB. Prices range from $19.95-$29.99. Some of the DVDs include:

The Green Tree Frog – How a Bill Becomes A Law: Inspired by the true story of how a Georgia fourth grade class proposed the green tree frog to become the state amphibian, The Green Tree Frog: How a Bill Becomes a Law is an animated short film created and produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting. It is intended to be used as supplemental material for eighth grade social studies.

American History Through Southern Eyes: This six-part documentary series examines our nation’s past from a uniquely Southern perspective, capturing the events and personalities that affected the South and its development.

Georgia Stories is a multimedia series about the history and people of Georgia, produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Count On It! is a fun and innovative way to teach children mathematics. This video series features two puppets, Blossom and Snappy, who both love finding math in everyday situations. You can often find them shopping, baking, event planning, decorating and visiting attractions.

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