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HES needs your help to continue its mission
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Dear Friends of Historic Effingham Society,

The history of Effingham County is your history, and my history, and your children’s history, and our children’s children’s history. Since the beginning of time we have been cited to the importance of documenting and, far more importantly, knowing our history.

The purpose of this instruction is to learn from the past to make tomorrow better and, even more importantly, to reflect on who we are as a people, as a family and as an individual. Who am I; where did I come from in genealogy; why do I think like I think; what life experiences endured or enjoyed by the people of my county, i.e., history influenced previous generations for me to be the person I am; what was life like for my great-grandfather or my great-great-grandmother?

Someone has to capture our history to catalogue events, culture trends, government decisions, environmental happenings, disease outbreaks, hard times or good times, faith and religion of the people. That entity is the Historic Effingham Society (HES).

You are invited to join the HES board of directors, the Effingham Chamber of Commerce tourism committee and other historical organizations in our county to showcase the museum and living history site in Springfield, our county seat.

We need your financial partnership to keep our museum open and viable in the community.

Please join me at the living history site in Springfield on Tuesday, Nov. 20 for lunch. The time is 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Our volunteers will treat you with a traditional fall lunch of homemade soup and cornbread. Volunteers will be demonstrating skills and crafts of yesteryear to give our guests a snapshot look at the life of Effingham County that we work to preserve.

Please call 754-0142 to RSVP.

As the HES President, I will bring you greetings, and volunteers will offer tours and explanations of Effingham life beginning at 12 noon. You can enjoy lunch as early as 11:30 a.m.

Please plan to join us and consider a monetary gift from you or your business or corporation. Your gift is the lifeblood of our continuance to Save Our Museum. I’ll look for you.

Norma Jean Morgan
President, Historic Effingham Society, Inc.