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Hes not the Boss of me
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Never having been a huge Springsteen fan, I did not tune in to the Super Bowl half-time festivities. I thought he had a couple of decent songs in the mid ’80s … but the dude needs to get real with it.

Hubs kept laughing cause he and The Bruce are the same age. I said, “Only difference is, he can slide across that stage and actually get back up again without roadie assistance.…”

I don’t mind The Bruce too much. Actually, since Hubs was watching, I could hear “Tenth Avenue Freezeout” in the background and I was weirdly transported to my sorta wild mid 20s when I would go to a corner bar after work and some fool kept pluggin’ quarters in the jukebox to hear that song. I got a sudden hankering for a cold Miller Lite. That’s about as close as I ever get to football.

Now, I don’t mind a little extra jazzin’ up of a musical number, but upon hearing the choir in the background? Sorry, man. You should have let them just sing without you.

Who the heck was he trying to impress, anyway?

If you’re gonna invite a choir, you’d better have my Rev. Al Green on lead vocals. Not some ol’ silly white boy in fake leather pants.

I think it’s interesting that The Bruce started waffling on his dealio with WalMart because his fans were upset with him. He’s always been pluggin’ himself as a blue-collar-kinda-guy, and then does this deal with WalMart, whose name is constantly being hauled into court over some employee-related issues. Apparently WalMart doesn’t treat their employees fairly … at least those are the allegations. And then Mr. Blue Collar goes and strikes up a honeydeal with WM for them to be the exclusive purveyors of his new album? Dude. What were you thinkin’?

I think he said something along the lines of, “It was a mistake…”, but I don’t think I heard, “I am going to back out of the deal and lose millions because my fans want me to.” Nah.  Don’t think that was part of the “apology.” And why would he? It’s much easier for WM to sell his latest than to have to hawk it at concerts.

Yeah, he probably wasn’t thinking too much about what his fans would say when WM waved that big endorsement under his nose.

Anyway. That’s what my take was on the Super Bowl half-time activities. Isn’t the slot that the cheerleaders used to get to wave their pompoms and do stunts? I think that would be so much more entertaining.


How about Grand Funk Railroad getting back together for a halftime show? Now I would watch that! As long as it was just them, no one else doing backup or any of that extra fluff they always try to squeeze in. They could play “Footstompin’ Music” for the whole halftime show and it would be awesome.

Earth Wind and Fire? The Bar-Kays? Parliament? I’d even take Eddie Murphy doing his James Brown imitation, as long as the backup band was decent.

And hello…why don’t they ever have Chaka Khan singing? “I Feel For You”…? Girl.

Well. What do I know. I don’t know a first down from a goose down. And what, exactly, does a halfback do? Or a fullback?  Halfway down the field? All the way down the field? Quarterback goes only a fourth of the way down? Whaddup widdat?

I’m just glad it’s over, that’s all I can say.

I think The Bruce (’cause he ain’t my boss) needs to go back down into his Tunnel of Love.

And stay there.