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I just dont understand
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National news has been very puzzling to me of late, more than that it has made me very angry about the ways of some of our public servants are serving us.

What is it?

• The Justice Department wants it to be OK for them to lie about documents they don’t want the folks in Congress to see.

• The Attorney General does not know what is going on in his department, according to him, such as sending guns to Mexico and even worse losing track of them and these guns are used in the killing of border agents who are hired to protect us.

• This one really got to me — the Homeland Security head does not know how many of her folks have been killed in the mess at the Mexican border. I believe she should not only know how many but also be able to recount the names. Her answer was a simply “too many.” Even one is too many.

• Health and Human Services head announces that one of the first pieces of “Obamacare” care is unsustainable financially and it was to be one of the frontrunners in bringing in the money to hold up the whole program.

• Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have given $1 million bonus to some 12 executives for doing a “moderately good job” running those boondoggles. Fm & FM got $171 billion in bailout. So I guess they have plenty of money laying around. I always thought bonuses went to those who “exceeded.”

• The green energy stuff just doesn’t stop. On the eve of announcing bankruptcy one company has a visit from the president praising how much good the company was doing with the over $500 million given them.

• Another company got some $400 million for manufacturing green energy stuff…it manufactures its stuff in Mexico.

• An electric car company got millions to design and build an electric car that sells for half a million, I believe. The car is being manufactured in Finland.

• A report this week states that the Energy Department has spent $32.5 billion with no real results in bringing real jobs to Americans.

• The Labor Department had something like $111 million for job training. They haven’t spent it all but have only been able to place 80 people (that’s right 80) after spending about half of the money.

No, I don’t understand but I’m also more than puzzled. I am mad. We all should be mad and we should let our elected folks in Washington know it. I don’t want to hear Democrat or Republican. I want to see our elected servants buckle down, together, and put a stop to it.

If they can’t do it, we need to send a whole new bunch to Washington, starting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and going 10 blocks to all of those who occupy the halls of our nation’s capital. And, the above only scratches the surface!

If we don’t do our duty at the ballot box, shame on us.