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Letter to the editor
Pastor doesnt get the point of how to treat one another
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Dear Editor,

It remains a dream of mine to see this country lead the world toward peace and greater understanding, because dreams that precede taking action have already played a significant role in changing the course of our nation, the way African-Americans were guided by dreams of equality or when personal lifestyle choices are driven by dreams of acceptance. And then there are those who seem to have stopped dreaming.

Enter the Rev. Dr. Bob LeFavi and his vision, ‘”Thankful for the military, not Madonna.” The inspirational rub here is Reverend Bob’s response to Madonna having recently said, “The way we change the world is we change the way we treat one another,” or his use of the word “silly” to describe COEXIST bumper stickers, thanking military servicemen and women for their sacrifice of life to keep his children free. You’d think a pastor would be sounding more like do unto others instead of rallying around projected decades of global conflict.

So, what exactly are we dreaming for anymore if it’s not about peace and improving on how we treat one another? How non-violent solutions can be a cure and not just a fantasy. When Pastor Bob refers to Madonna as “naïve” in her belief of dignity and respect for all human beings, are we then all naive to believe in the power to transform this world. Go in peace. I’m pretty sure Jesus would.

Charles Hudson