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Letter to the editor
Rincon thanked for its library support
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Dear Editor,

I would like to commend the Rincon City Council for their decision to give the library some badly needed funds. I would also commend the city of Guyton for their monetary support of the library this year.

However, it should be pointed out the the funding of the library is the responsibility of the county commission, and we are still awaiting full funding after several years of short hours and fewer staff. I do not begrudge the pouring of hundreds of thousands of dollars into new and upgraded recreation facilities, because the quality of life for our citizens is much better for it. But excellent libraries are also part of the quality of life this county should offer, and in this regard we fall far short.

The Rincon branch should have been replaced with a newer, larger facility years ago, but not a dime of SPLOST money has been allocated for this. Chatham County added two new $5 millon branches last year. Liberty County saw the need to expand the Midway-Riceboro facility. Augusta-Richmond County recently opened a new main library. Columbia County is building a new branch library in Harlem. Why do we not have any such activity here?

Not everyone is athletic or sports-minded and uses the recreation facilities, but even the athletically-inclined will use the libraries along with us more sedentary types from toddlers to senior citizens. The library is truly the place for everyone.

Richard Leach