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A look at the future under Obama
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Dear Editor,

First of all I’d like to remind people why our financial markets have collapsed. It is socialist companies like ACORN (during President Clinton’s administration) that pressured the lending industry to give loans to marginal borrowers. It is people like the Democrat representative Barney Frank that knew but did not disclose to us that Fannie and Freddie were troubled by 2005. And if you don’t believe me, just do a little research. That’s why I don’t believe in voting for anyone based on their ads on TV.  

And now I’ll give you some good reasons why Barack Obama should become our next president. And here is just a glimpse of what we shall experience:

1.  The wonderful universal health care that American people love but they absolutely have no idea how it’s going to work for them. We, the average people (by the way, the middle class will cease to exist) will all wait in line to have a major medical operation done. The illegal immigrants will also benefit from our wonderful universal health care system so we will wait in line because we should not have priority over them. Also, I wonder why the Canadians come to the U.S. when they need surgery? After all, Canada has a great universal health care system. When the U.S. government will take complete control of the health care system, they will dictate how much money a doctor should make. It is obvious that there will be no incentive for people to go to medical school if they won’t be able to make decent money. By the way, I don’t understand why so many people have a hard time with the fact that doctors make good money? It is a huge sacrifice that those young people make when they go to medical school, they give up completely their social lives, they study and learn for so many years just so that they can save lives.  OK, I’ll move on ... so, there will be no incentive for young people to go to medical school ... guess what’s next? Our wonderful government will figure out a way to get people into medical school. And one easy way to do that is by lowering the standards. Cool, our kids and grandkids will wait in line to have a life threatening surgery performed by a below standard doctor. How much better can it get?

2.  Our court system will become like a circus.  No more Judeo-Christian base because we have to accept all religions in the world. And so will our court system. I know it might sound unreal but many crimes will be dismissed because we, the American people won’t be allowed to differentiate between right and wrong. After all, just because it’s acceptable in another religion of people located thousands of miles away from us, we should accept it in our court system, as well. All in the name of multiculturalism.

3. Our freedom of speech will be taken away from us and slowly but surely the journalists who oppose the views of our leaders will most likely be out of business and hopefully not in jail.

4. Our 401(k) accounts will be merging into the government social security fund so that funding for the less fortunate could be provided.

5. The rich folks like Warren Buffet and the rest of Obama’s friends will continue to enjoy their wealth because they have enough money to bribe our politicians. They won’t lose any sleep at night. It will be the working middle class that will have to redistribute their little acquired assets to those who don’t work and don’t deserve it anyway.

Folks, it’s sad but this is what’s going to happen when Obama comes into power.  There is no doubt that he is very charismatic, and that is a wonderful skill especially when it comes to politics. I know the signs of socialism. I was born and raised in such a system. Believe me, it is the last step to communism. By the way, check out the Communist Party USA Web site and you’ll notice their endorsement for Obama. Why do they love Obama?  Because Obama plays the communist party’s game. They share the same political philosophy. And no, I am not a Republican either. I don’t care for any of the right or left candidates. I know the signs of socialism and the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. The government cannot take care of us.

Check out history and check out the 1917 Russian Revolution. The proletariat (working class) was struggling. The Bolsheviks (communists) promised them exactly what they wanted to hear. That was the beginning of communism in Eastern Europe, folks. And what did they get beside promises? Nothing but socialism. There was no more middle class, just a big gap between the powerful politicians and their rich friends (privileged), and the poor class. Does this sound familiar? Will history teach us something that we should not forget?

There will always be struggle but would you rather struggle in socialism (where there is no hope) or in capitalism?  Remember, there is no such thing as freedom in socialism.
Carmen Alexe