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A need to join in prayer for rain
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Dear Editor:

Regardless of what faith we practice, what God we serve and pray to, all of us realize that we are in desperate need of rain — lots of it. We are so concerned with our need and certainly feel the need for great rain in Ware and other counties, as well as the Florida counties. But as of yet I have not seen one church or secular sign that reads, “Prayer vigil for rain where fire is destroying everything.”

Could it be that we are so concerned about our own need for rain that we aren’t praying for our neighbors, brothers and sisters in faith sincerely enough, as they are being destroyed mile by mile. Yes, I do realize that many many of us are doing just that — praying. But, we are told by our God to pray for others first and ourselves last and our needs will be met. God has led me to share with you the need for us to pray collectively and in great numbers.

I am a Methodist minister’s wife, but more importantly, I am a Christian first and must be true to what I believe; and this I do believe.

People, even if you do not share my God, surely you believe your God will answer prayer. Please, let’s join together and pray for in numbers for those who are losing all. Let them know we care enough to pray. There is truly power in prayer.

Caryl Morgan