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A thanks for aid to grandmother
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Dear Editor,

My grandmother Irma Davis has been getting curbside service in Effingham County for a long time. 
To begin, Mr. Tommy Snooks Food Store in Springfield and his wonderful crew, Mrs. Charline, Mr. Ike and even Mr. Carl, the meat cutter, deliver my grandma food to her at the curb. She calls her order in, Mrs. Charline writes it down and when she pulls up, they put it in the car.
Mr. Tommy, thank you all for what you all have done and still do for us. Quick Rx, the ladies up front, are on the watchout for my grandmother’s little Neon to pull up and they get all her medicine together and take it right out to her. Thank you all for taking care of my grandma the way you do.
Dennis Dozier, Mary Dozier, Savannah, Adam, Dennis and a friend came out and put on a roof on my grandmother’s house. They also visit our church and donate to many things we have. Mr. Dennis and family, thank you for all you have done and still do for our family.
As for Mr. Jack Heneisen, I always say to him you saved my grandmother’s life when her and my Aunt Thelma flipped their car over right beside his house and he ran out and helped them by calling 911 and staying at their side. Thank you.
I, Shanee Walker, would like to say to my grandmother, Irma Davis, thank you for everything you have done for me, Faith and Jayla, your grandkids. May God continue to bless you and thank you to everyone who are here for my family and me.

Shanee Walker