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A thanks for many years of service
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Dear Editor,

I have had the pleasure of serving Effingham County as Chief Magistrate for almost three years.  During this time, I had the honor of retaining one of the most highly respected Magistrates in the First District serving beside me. I am speaking of Judge Jane L. Gnann.

Most magistrates, other than the Chief Judge, are appointed by the Chief Judge of the Magistrate Court with the approval of a majority of the Superior Court Judges in each respective circuit.  Judge Gnann has been appointed to this court for over six years (two appointments), with unanimous acknowledgement from the judges of the Superior Court, and two Chief Judges of the Magistrate Court.

In addition to her Magistrate duties, Judge Gnann served Effingham County as a full time deputy clerk for over ten years; therefore, making her a very busy woman. It is the motivated that one assumes will always be there, but we seem to forget that they too get tired. Judge Gnann has decided to retire, and I recall a statement from Constable Al Mauro when he said that to the court, her decision was bittersweet; “Bitter to us that she is leaving, but sweet that she will now enjoy the life of retirement that she has earned and so richly deserves.”

“Judge Gnann took her job very seriously. She dedicated countless hours to the betterment of the office of Magistrate. Judge Gnann will be missed,” said Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie of Effingham County.  The Honorable Mary Kathryn Moss, Chief Judge of the Chatham County Magistrate Court and current President of the Council of Magistrate Court Judges, added, “We wish to express our sincerest gratitude to Judge Gnann for her service to not only the citizens of Effingham County but to the Council of Magistrate Court Judges. Judge Gnann faithfully served as a Magistrate for over 6 years and served in numerous leadership roles in the First District.  As President of the Council, it has been a pleasure to serve with Judge Gnann.”

Effingham County’s Magistrate Court will continue to operate, but will truly miss an intricate part of its integrity, honesty and character. As James D. Miles once said, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

I wish you Godspeed Judge Gnann and thank you for your dedication and service to this community.

Scott Hinson
Chief Judge of the Effingham Magistrate Court