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Anderson is the pro-life, Christian choice in the 12th
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Dear Editor,

I am writing to address all who profess the Christian faith.  Non-believers will be offended by what I am about to say. Never in my life have I witnessed such a determination by the anti-Christian population to destroy every sacred principle that this country was founded upon.

I have stood by and watched as our freedoms and moral grounding continue to slowly erode.  The conscience of many folks has been so seared that we tolerate anything and what was unheard of just a decade ago is now freely accepted as a new normal.

Forget politics, forget party, and, most of all, forget race for a moment and consider what your Christian faith tells you is right and wrong.  Can you in good conscience vote to elect a candidate whose moral beliefs are against everything you hold dear?  Are you willing to vote for a man who refuses to answer the pro-life candidate questionnaire because his beliefs about the sanctity of life are so contrary to what the Bible teaches?  Can you live with the fact that you voted for a man who thinks partial-birth abortion is OK?  If the answer is no, I urge you to join me in helping to elect a man who is 100 percent pro-life and has a track record to prove it … a man who is not ashamed of his faith but lives it daily.

That man is Lee Anderson and he is going to bring common sense and moral decency back to the 12th Congressional District. I urge you to join me in voting for him Nov. 6.

Billy Dasher