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ATV riders are not posing a danger
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Dear Editor,

In a recent letter to the editor, from Kathy Schaudt, she referred to two ATV drivers as “four-wheeled idiots.”

My husband Eddie is far from an idiot. He made a mistake and he is the only person suffering from that mistake. I don’t see how it has affected her at all. She wasn’t hurt. Only the two drivers were.

Mrs. Schaudt states that one of the drivers left the scene to hide his  four-wheeler. After the accident, the other driver went to go get help and passed out. His girlfriend made sure that we had help on the way and then took him to the emergency room for treatment.

She also states that my husband had no concern for animals or children that were outside that day but because I was there I know there were neither in the area where they were riding.

I’m sure that the Effingham County Sheriff’s Department have a lot more work to do than to come out every time someone rides a four-wheeler past her house. I would think they would be busy trying to change the image of this county to something other than “Methingham County.”

Her question is “Is it the property owner’s responsibility or the adults riding carelessly?” My answer is that it is the individual’s responsibility to make sure they are safe on the ATVs.

My husband learned a hard lesson but he learned from it and suffered from it. I’m sorry but I think it is great to see children out having a good time riding up and down the street as long as they are safe. It beats the alternative, like drugs and alcohol.

I love the family atmosphere in this neighborhood and the friendships I have built with my neighbors since moving in. I hope that we can all come together as neighbors to stop all this tension and find a solution to all concerned.
Ashleigh Vandine