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Candidate says dont be swayed by misinformation
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Dear Editor,

I hope you have not been fooled by the misleading and false information that has been spread in order to try and steal an election.

Quick facts — from the county engineer’s timeline of events: June 6, 2006-original scope of the project includes the installation of ~3500 gravity sewer; Sept. 21, 2006-EPD approval of project; Oct. 1, 2006-revised scope to remove gravity sewer and install pump station and force main; Oct. 19, 2006-EPD approval; Nov. 14, 2006-project alignment was modified to run utilities in the right-of-way of Nease Road, overall length of the linear installation doubled; Dec. 9, 2006-project was resubmitted to EPD; Dec. 18, 2006-project revisions were verbally approved by EPD to Pat Burk.

A contract was signed on Oct. 17, 2006 and the county doubled it on Dec. 18. They owed the repayment of their debt when they took title.

The county illegally required we use water and sewer that did not exist in zoning. They drafted an agreement that we would pay for all water and sewer inside the subdivision and give it to them as our contribution. The agreement stated they would bring sewer to the subdivision’s connection point. The county reneged on that agreement.

They approved the plat, they sold building permits, allowed citizens to build houses, they collected all the fees for the water and sewer and failed to provide the sewer. We then “loaned the county” the money for their regional pump station that services many others. They have properly repaid us that debt they owed, except for a remaining generator. They have paid two attorneys to verify this. Now both the past secretary of state and the attorney general’s office have sent correspondence that clearly states the challenge to my election does not apply.

The county has collected over $800,000 in fees and paid us approximately $739,000. The county has profited already.

Please see the citizen-created Web site that explains the truth at

Vera Jones
2nd District Commissioner