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Challenge to candidacy is off-base
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Dear Editor:

In response to “Appeal filed on elections board’s Jones challenge decision” dated April 29, 2014 — I do not know Andrew Brantley, but I do know Vera and Dennis Jones.

They are some of the most professional, ethical and caring people I know. They care about the growth, jobs and the people of Effingham County. They are Christian people and they do what is right.

For quite some time now, I have read article after article regarding Andrew Brantley’s accusations against Vera Jones’ candidacy qualifications. This matter has now been investigated and dismissed by the Effingham County Board of Elections. Mr. Brantley really should drop his personal vendetta against Mrs. Jones, apologize to her and move on with his life.

To my knowledge, no one has hired or elected Mr. Brantley to be the “governmental police” for Effingham County. He needs to focus on other issues and leave the business of Effingham to its elected and paid governmental leaders. Or, he should put his hat into the ring and run for office.

Mr. Brantley, please find something to do other than antagonize the crap out of people. We have qualified governmental officials to run the county. If they’re not doing their jobs, go after them. Let’s go to work to improve jobs, etc., in Effingham County now.

Judy Gunnels