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County must do something about mosquito control
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Dear Editor,

Are you aware that our county, Effingham, does not have any resources to combat the influx of mosquitoes? According to every media outlet, the West Nile virus is on the rise in the neighboring states of Georgia.

After many calls to the Health Department, Infectious Disease Center, Human Health Services and my commissioner, I am back to square one in finding out why we do not have a viable way to control our mosquito population. We certainly do not need to wait until someone in our area dies from West Nile.

Many residents in our county live in low-laying areas. It is imperative that our county officials either contract out or provide spraying services that will afford protection to the citizens of our county.

Please contact your county commissioner and/or Health Department and make your voice known. We need someone to take action before we start to experience the tragedy of death that has been felt in Texas. Please attend the commissioners’ meeting on Sept. 4 at 5 p.m. to ensure this matter can be resolved.

Deborah Foss Smith