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Dont be afraid to appeal values
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Dear Editor,

Appeal again — that is the by-word for those who recently received the “21-day notice of Appeal” from the tax assessors office.

 Some of these new documents will show some reduction in values, citizens should carefully review these new values to assure that they have what they believe are currently “fair market value.”

In many cases the values are still high, well above that measure that the tax law says that values must meet. Such values set for assessment of taxes must also be fair and equitable, that is in comparison of like properties.

The law allows you to appeal to the board of equalization, without arriving at fair values there one can go to arbitration and even to the superior court, these last two steps carry additional costs for taxpayers.

“We, the Tax Payers” are still working on trying to get these excessive values rolled back. We have retained an attorney to represent us and are making an effort to see that HB 233, that prohibited increases in values until 2011, is properly interpreted. It is a matter of getting the full legal interpretation of this law.

We are still working hard to make things happen, if you wish to join us in this effort please e-mail me your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and I will add you to our e-mail list that we use to keep our interested members up to date. The organization, “We, the Tax Payers,” is a loosely organized group, we are just trying to represent the tax payers, there is no charge to join.

There are expenses to do the things we are doing, if you wish to contribute please send your check to Ruth Lee, 531 Chester Thomas Rd., Springfield, GA 31329, 754-6730, e-mail:

But, please remember to appeal this last document you received from the tax assessors office is you are not satisfied with the values … it is your right to appeal actions you do not agree with, the law requires that they carry the burden of proof on these land values.

Ruth Lee
“We, the Tax Payers”