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February referendum is all about liquor
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Dear Editor,

I read with some interest and dismay a letter you published recently stating the liquor referendum to be voted on Feb. 5 was about restaurants and not about liquor. The writer then quoted verbatim the proposal that is to be voted on and not once did the words “restaurant” or “food” appear in the referendum. Let’s tell it like it is. The referendum is about liquor.

The fact of the matter is that while Effingham County has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years, the daily traffic count is still several thousand below the number the large chain restaurants require to establish a franchise in a new area.

What we need is not the availability of liquor but simply patience. The growth will continue, the traffic count will continue to rise and we will have nice restaurants in Effingham County when that happens without liquor by the drink.

The other part of the equation that can’t be ignored is that bars and liquor stores will immediately start popping up all over the county if you pass the referendum. The citizens of Effingham have for a long time had the good sense to recognize we don’t need liquor to have a great quality of life in this county. Passing the liquor referendum will change all that, and we still won’t have new restaurants until the population increases to a higher level. Please join with me and vote no on this issue on Feb. 5.

Dan Frailey