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Fireworks need support from community
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Dear Editor,

I hope that all of the citizens who attended the fireworks on Saturday, July 5, know that they were the guests of the city of Springfield. It was a marvelous event for Effingham, it was good to see so many families and friends enjoying picnicking and visiting, the reports of up to 10,000 seems possible — I went and it was a crowd.

It is not often that so many families with young children have the opportunity to enjoy such a community event at no cost. But come they did, and all seemed to be enjoying the event.

But — where are the rest of our city/county fathers and mothers when it comes to supporting and planning such an event? This event started several years ago with the cities and the county supporting it. It seems that Springfield was left with paying the check for this one with no help from any other government entity.

We thank you, Springfield, but this was an event for the whole county and there were by observation folks there from all over the county. Come on Guyton, Rincon and Effingham County, you need to be a supporter of this community event. I had the opportunity to see the Savannah fireworks on the 4th and I have to tell you the Springfield fireworks were just as good and sure was a lot easier to get in and out of the area.

Yes, thanks to Springfield and shame on the rest of you for not ponying up some dough to pay the bill — it is a great event but I would doubt that Springfield can continue to handle with only their dollars.

Folks, let our other city and county fathers/mothers know what you think about their stinginess!

Ruth Lee