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Grateful for care, respect shown to mother
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Dear Editor,
My mom passed away two weeks ago. She was 84 years old. She had been a resident at the Effingham County Care Center for five years. Effingham County is so very fortunate to have this facility in the area. The management and staff are knowledgeable and professional people who truly care about their residents.  They truly cared about my mom.

I would like to thank every single person at the Center for the care my mom received both medical and personal and for the respect she was always shown. A special thanks on Tuesday night to Dianne and Joanne and Wednesday morning to Van, Rose and Sharon. Their concern for me was beyond words and their help was so greatly appreciated. Thanks to Valerie and Barbara. Over the years, everyone at the Effingham Care Center became my extended family and I will be forever grateful to them. Thank you to Dr. Ratchford, James, Dr. Ratchford’s PA and Dr. Thompson.  

Thank you to the Effingham County Sheriff’s Department, the Rincon Police Department, the Port Wentworth Police Department and the Garden City Police Department for escorting us to Savannah. This is law enforcement to be proud of and thankful for, true professionals. Thank you all for the respect shown to my mom and my family. Thank you to Strickland’s Funeral Home, Ms. Johnnie, Mr. Duff and Mr. Strickland.    

Again, my family and I thank you all for your help, caring and kindness during this difficult and sad time.   
The family of Robbie N. Sego