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Guytons actions lead to more questions
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Dear Editor,

How is that a few on the Guyton City Council can make the decision to spend such a large amount of taxpayers’ money on a wastewater treatment plant without the vote of the people who live in Effingham County?

How is that said Guyton City Council are talking about putting up a wastewater treatment plant that does not monitor the finished product before going into our river? That ought to make for a real nice swimming or boating session.

How is that they have no “plan B” in place?

How is that this area has been known to flood and when it does again, how are they going to contain the sewage? Folks have actual pictures of this flooding.

How is it that it’s a known fact that many of these wastewater treatment plants don’t get inspected on a regular basis and when an inspection is given, it’s usually because there is already a problem?

How is it the state allows this to happen? I guess at that level, it’s somebody else’s problem. Yeah, ours.

Just wondering how is it possible that we can let this happen. Yet another natural resource literally “going down the commode.”

It’s time to do something people.

Dusti O’Connor