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In memory of the perfect lady
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Dear Editor,

When we think about living a life of perfection, we use Jesus as the measuring stick. No one has ever achieved that ultimate mark, but there are some who have come close. Last Thursday morning, we laid to rest one of those “near perfect” people. Mrs. Mary Lang has gone on to meet the One she lived her life for and strove so hard to emulate.

She was many things to many people. Her unconditional love for everyone inspired all of us who knew her. To the “Colonel” she was the devoted, loving wife of many years. To her four children she was the ultimate homemaker. To her neighbors and community, she was the one who always showed up in time of need. To her church family she was the “salt” and “light” God called her to be.

She brought so much joy and peace into the lives of everyone she touched. To me she was the most awesome minister of encouragement I have ever known, never speaking ill of anyone and always looking for the good.  

As I sat there in the church listening to Pastor Ben Martin’s eloquent description of this precious lady, I realized how deeply she had touched his life. She lived her life in such a way that choosing one scripture to describe her was almost impossible. Thank you Ben for once again having the perfect words at the perfect time.    

Her favorite hymns were “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.” It was obvious that Mrs. Mary had also deeply touched Keith Martin’s life as he sang with overwhelming inspiration. Thank you Keith for continuing to use your awesome vocal talent to honor our Lord.

She gave so much of herself to everyone that we all have a part of her to hold onto.  How blessed we all are to have known  this “near perfect” lady.

There’s a great reunion taking place today. Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Elizabeth and Mrs. Anna are once again together spreading their joy in heaven. And there is another precious lady who claims them as sisters joining in that reunion — my mother.

She will be sadly missed by many. Few will miss her more than I.
Billy Dasher