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Johnsons record proves his worth as a candidate
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Dear Editor,

For many years I was involved in a lot of community volunteer work. I was chairman for the board of directors at Riverview Health and Rehab Center (formerly Chatham Nursing Home), was president for the Citizens Crime Commission, was active with the Republican Women, and worked with various community groups.  I mention this only to say that I had the opportunity to get to know many of Savannah and Chatham County’s elected leaders.  
I met some who worked hard and effectively for our community and others who had their own private agendas.  I was able to see first-hand the difference a good and dedicated individual could make in a leadership capacity.  That is the reason that I would like to tell you why I am endorsing Dr. Bob Johnson for Congress.
After a distinguished career as a U.S. Army Ranger, Bob settled in Savannah, his wife Stacie’s hometown.  He has continued his work in medicine as a head and neck surgeon. Though that is Bob’s chosen line of work, he has been generous with his time and expertise. Bob has worked as a medical missionary in such places as Guatemala, volunteered as a leader in the Boy Scouts, and is active in his Christian church life.  
He is a family man; he and Stacie have four children — one of them is attending West Point. He is a strong supporter of American ideals and the U.S. Constitution.  Bob has lived a life demonstrating what he can do as opposed to someone who just talks about what he will do.  He is proud to call himself a conservative, and I believe he will serve us well as our representative as congressman for Georgia’s 1st District.  
In today’s world, two of the greatest challenges facing our country are maintaining America’s military superiority and providing an effective and affordable medical care system for all Americans.  These are the two primary areas of expertise that Bob Johnson has dedicated himself to for more than 30 years.  Common sense is in short supply in Washington today. You have this opportunity to help change that.  If you are going to be sick, would you rather be treated by a career politician or a career physician? If you need to defend this great nation against enemies foreign or domestic, would you rather be led by a career politician or a proven military leader?  Think about it.
I encourage each of you who truly have Savannah and Chatham County’s interests at heart to consider casting your vote for Dr. Bob Johnson on Tuesday, July 22.

Shelia Morley