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Just say no to Sunday alcohol sales
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Dear Editor,

Here we are back to square one. The last time we voted in the county concerning liquor, we were told that the issue was settled and that was the end of it. But as we all knew, the liquor crowd will never be satisfied until we have River Street in Effingham County.

I am sickened at my stomach when I hear them refer to the liquor establishments as family restaurants. If they were truly family restaurants, they would never promote the one thing that is tearing the American family apart and that is alcoholism and drunkenness.

And to think that the people coming from church on Sunday have to have a drink with their Sunday dinner is as ridiculous as them using a drink of booze at an AA meeting to celebrate sobriety. The true fact of the matter is it’s all about the almighty dollar and they could care less about what alcohol consumption does to the American family.

When will we wake up and realize that what made Effingham County different was that we were a family place and now our business leaders and county officials are trying to turn us into another Chatham County. If you want to be like Chatham, move there and leave us alone.

Rev. Roland Dann
Pastor, The Lighthouse Church of Effingham County