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Kemp has proved to be someone we can trust as governor
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Election Day is almost here and many in our community are struggling to pick a candidate for governor. When you flip on the television or go online, they all have nice ads. If you look at stated policy positions on education, infrastructure and family values, there’s not much of a difference there, either.
What it all comes down to is trust. Who do you trust to implement the plans presented? Who do you trust to lead our state forward? Who do you trust to act like a real conservative under the Gold Dome? Who do you trust to do the right thing — even when no one is looking?
In the 12 or so years I've known Brian Kemp, I've found him to be the same genuine man of honor, wisdom, honesty and compassion at all times. In short, Brian is a man of his word. For me, conservative businessman and Secretary of State Brian Kemp is the clear, obvious choice.
Kemp built his businesses from scratch, helped his wife Marty raise three beautiful daughtersand earned a reputation for hard work and honesty as a state senator and as our secretary of state.
As governor, Kemp will work to make Georgia No. 1 for small business, implement a state spending cap, strengthen rural Georgia and keep our families safe by shutting down gangs and deporting criminal aliens. Brian Kemp is rock solid Christian. He backs our Georgia values and will protect the 2nd Amendment without hesitation.
But most importantly, Kemp knows our community, our strengths, challenges and opportunities. He has a proven record of fighting — and winning — for hardworking Georgians. He won’t back down, make excuses or compromise his values. I know we can trust Brian Kemp as our next governor. We can trust him to keep us safe from crime. We can trust him to fight for our families and businesses. We can trust Brian Kemp to put hardworking Georgians — not the special interests — first.
Early or on May 22, please join me in adding the title of governor to my friend Brian Kemp. Please vote Kemp for governor!

Susie Davis