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Know where your United Way contributions are going
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Dear Editor,

This letter is addressed to all citizens who work in Effingham and Chatham counties who will soon be solicited for contributions to the United Way.

The campaign is now beginning. The United Way is a large organization that allocates millions of dollars to various agencies, primarily in Savannah. The only way your contribution can come to an Effingham agency is for it to be specifically designated by for an Effingham organization.

The UW has a page with all organizations to which you can designate, but you must see the list or have the information to know the number of that agency on the list. While this list is generally being given out with the campaign pledge card at presentations and individual solicitations in Effingham, if you are in a Chatham County business or company where the presentations are given, this list is not provided unless you ask for it.

With the large number of Effingham residents who work in Chatham, we are particularly concerned that they know that they can designate to Effingham organizations.

The Effingham organizations are:

No. 53 — Effingham Victim-Witness Program

No. 54 — Ferst Books

No. 78 — The Treutlen House

In case you are not aware of these organizations, this brief information will acquaint you with them.

Effingham Victim Witness provides services for persons who are victims of crime. Services range from counseling, financial support for housing, food, utilities and medical needs. A primary program is one that serves families in situations of domestic violence, which sometimes means finding safe shelter for the victims.

Ferst  Books is a program that strives to provide books for children. This effort is to help the children and to encourage parents to help their children in learning to read. These books go directly to the families at no cost.

The Treutlen House is a home for boys with difficulties in life with family and with the usual first range of foster care. These boys here have almost their last chance in getting their life on track and becoming productive citizens. The state daily rate is not adequate to cover the many needs of these boys for all of their care that is provided by the home.

While we are addressing all citizens in this matter, we are particularly concerned that those of you work in Savannah know this — the contributions that come from the large industries are large.

If you work at Gulfstream, International Paper, the Savannah hospitals or any company or office in Savannah, remember your  Effingham organizations and these numbers for designations: No. 53, No. 54 and No. 78. Effingham deserves its share of the UW contributions.

Ruth Lee