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Letter of support for candidate fails to deliver
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Dear Editor,

I’m not surprised Ruth Lee is voting for her friend, Linda McDaniel, for tax commissioner. What irks me is her intellectual fraud in a smug attempt to spin negatives at McDaniel’s primary opponent, Frank Arden.

Lee’s problem with Arden is that he worked for several financial institutions, is 54 years old and that “he seems to have moved around a lot.”

So what? Isn’t that exactly what McDaniel is trying to do? First, she tried to “move around” from her Chamber of Commerce job to Guyton’s city manager job. Failing that, she’s now trying to “move around” to the tax commissioner’s job. Who knows what other moving around she’s tried and failed?

It’s too bad Ruth Lee can’t support her friend without twisting Arden’s positive experiences into a negative with smarmy wordcraft and cheap spin.

Robert Swing