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Letter to the editor
Passage of HB 1 would help those who are suffering
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Dear Editor,

As the holidays grow closer, I just wanted to send a greeting with a reminder of why House Bill 1 is so crucial to my family. I think as our local newspaper I would like you to share our story we are not alone.

I am the sole caretaker of my 16-year-old granddaughter, Isabel. She has had seizures since infancy and is diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, an intractable epilepsy type. She has tried many drugs, and she still has daily seizures. I have lost count of the trips we’ve made to the emergency room because of the injuries from these episodes. Her sweet face is permanently scarred from all the sutures. Each seizure damages her brain as well. I am hoping that cannabis oil can give her some relief. I’m praying that Georgia will give our children a chance for a better future by passing HB1.

After my husband, Bill, passed away, I had to retire from teaching in order to take care of all her needs. I do not have the resources to move to another state for cannabis oil. Please help us stay in Georgia by supporting House Bill 1 this year.

Thank you for all you do.

Pat McCall