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Libraries are a valuable resource
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Dear Editor,

I’m a concerned member of the community. I have three children and we use the library several times weekly. In these difficult times it is a resource for our children. I get them books to read and videos to watch that we could not otherwise afford. 
I work a full-time job and also do part-time consultation. My wife stays at home to raise our children but also has a home-based business. Then I read where our county commissioners want to “measure” rates of literacy and employment to determine if the services it provides are useful. 
I am all for being fiscally responsible, especially in these difficult times. It should be obvious though that the services the library provides go beyond “dollars and cents.” 
The other agencies mentioned as duplicating services do not provide services to our children. They have limited access and in some cases are only open two days per week. If anything, in the summer months when school is out, one would want the library open every day so that children have a place to read and learn. 
Instead I now may have to take our children to Chatham County to access programs and services there. I hope the county commission realizes that if we want this community to be seen as an attractive place to live that education and culture are just as important as a “bottom line.” There should be a way to be mindful of the budget and not lose a community resource.

James Kress