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LIFE group needs to come out into open
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Dear Editor,

I was extremely disappointed by the negative ad that appeared in the Oct. 30 issue of the Herald. I would like to note that the group that financed that ad, “Leaders Improving the Future of Effingham, LLC,” is a mysterious group of individuals that want to tell the voters of Rincon how to think and how to vote.

I can handle their unfounded and trumped up criticisms; however, their cowardly attempt to influence the election will, I’m sure, be realized by the voters in Rincon. I encourage any and all members of this group to call me and discuss the issues as I am interested in doing what is best for the citizens of Rincon. I am not interested in being bought off by any group or person, especially a group of people in the development community that believe their money and voice are more important than that of the average citizen.

I would contact the members of this “Leaders Improving the Future of Effingham, LLC,” but they did not print their names on the bottom of their negative advertisement. I would like them to know that I harbor no animosity and am willing to work with them. Also, I would like them to display some courage. They should attempt to be real men and women and attach their names to any other mud slinging ads so the voters know who is behind this needless, puerile behavior.

Reese Browher