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Racetrack provides fun and more to its customers, others
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Dear Editor,

I could not believe what I was reading concerning the letter complaining about noise from Roebling Road Raceway. The person complaining stated that she had lived nearby the track since 1978. Roebling Road Raceway has been in existence since 1959, a tad bit earlier than 1978.

Let me say that I was exposed to racing, due to our local track. It’s a hobby that has turned into a passion. I myself live in south Effingham and can hear the track from my house as well. But, it isn’t noise to me — it’s sweet music to my ears.

Many children in the area that hear the track, come and watch right outside the gates, for free. They love watching the cars race down the front straight and for many may be the only opportunity to see such an event.

As for the noise levels, it is monitored every day and kept to a minimum. In fact, the decibels are so low that I, along with many others, have to modify our mufflers in order to race there. I travel throughout the Southeast and it’s the only track that I have to use special mufflers to keep the noise level in compliance. The managers of the track do not bend the rules for anything related to safety or noise. In addition, the track never allows racecars with loud mufflers to even be started until 8 a.m. and never after 6 p.m. There is no night racing allowed and they have quiet time on Sunday from 11 a.m. to noon (sometimes longer) to observe church services.

They also employ local people to manage the track, facilitate as corner workers, concession stands and emergency employees. Also, if 200 people show up to race or watch the races, those 200 people need hotel rooms, meals to eat and shop locally. That puts tax dollars in our local economy and stimulates growth. A nuisance tax? I really don’t think President Obama needs any help raising taxes. It’s a change I personally can do without.

Limiting the days to weekdays would kill the track completely. Most racers and drivers are weekenders like myself and have jobs during the week. Roebling goes well beyond the call of duty to keep area residents happy, which includes noise regulation, hours regulation and observing speed limits even outside the gates. They really do care about the residents. If we placed any further limits on the track, might as well close it and make it a landfill or something. Would that be positive and peaceful?

If this is such a “nuisance” for Ms. Collier, then perhaps a move is in order. Seriously, you don’t move beside a train track and expect to never hear a train. Nor would you write letters to the editor trying to organize a lynch mob to go against the railroad. After all, they were there first (reality check). Everyone has a choice of where to live. Roebling has a great deal of history dating back 50 years and is a treasure to some. But, you can’t please everybody.

Roger L. Burdette Jr.