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Rafter a cut above for probate judge
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Dear Editor,

Sometimes in the course of life, we find ourselves in dire need of medical attention.  Sometimes the problem is serious enough to warrant surgery. In this region, there are many highly qualified surgeons from which to choose. There are also several adept butchers.  

Why would I ever suggest using a butcher for a delicate procedure over a surgeon? Well, why not? A butcher has a working knowledge of anatomy. He regularly handles sharp utensils to hack through muscle and sinew. Butchering is an art form and really, a pig’s body can’t differ that much from a human’s, right? When faced with a grave situation in whose hands would you put your life?

In the race for probate judge of Effingham County, my dad, Rick Rafter, is the surgeon.

Rick, a resident of Effingham for over 20 years, is a man who worked hard to earn a doctorate in law and who has served the county faithfully as an attorney for a number of years. Don’t confuse Rafter for one of those attorneys rolling around in the gobs of money he earned off the pain and misery of people. Rafter is the kind of attorney who would (and often does) work for free if it meant he could help just one of his fellow citizens.

The race for probate judge is not about who is the nicer person or whose family has lived in the county longer. The race is about who is more qualified and who will be able to interpret the law fairly and without prejudice. It boils down ultimately to a simple choice between superficial versus extensive knowledge of the law. I ask the citizens of Effingham, would you choose the surgical table or the chopping block? The butcher or the surgeon?

The runoff election will take place on Dec. 2 with early voting held in the days before Thanksgiving. Whatever your choice is, I urge you to make your voice heard.

Heather Rafter Feinstein