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Recreation outlets for seniors and kids needed
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Dear Editor:

To John Henry, Chap Bennett and the Effingham County Commissioners:

I hear from a lot of adults as well as our youth that everything is going to Pooler. Yes, now they are building a bowling alley and game room. This is another place outside of Effingham County for the youth to take their dates. Yes, tax dollars out of Effingham County.

I don’t believe anyone would complain about the acreage tract that is to be used for recreation. I, for one, say this is way overdue. I would like to see added to this project a miniature golf course, a bowling alley and game room with this being run by the recreation department. In this county, we have great sports in the schools, as well as the recreation department activities.

Most senior citizens will tell you that the children have nothing to do in this county. They have to drive to Savannah to go to the movies or drive to Pooler for other things to do. We have been here 17 years and have listened to our grandchildren complain to us that there is nothing to do in this county. All that driving costs money for gas and also could cause accidents outside of our county. We need something for our children as they grow up and then they will stay and live in our county.

James W. Miller