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Referendum is really all about the money
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Dear Editor:

“Show Me the Money”... isn’t that what the proponents of the liquor referendum are really saying? They are telling us that if we approve the referendum, the restaurant money spent elsewhere will stay in Effingham County.  Oh, yeah, and, also, only “family restaurants” will come.

In Effingham County there are about 45,000 people; in Rincon about 15,000. If a “family restaurant” comes, it will need to serve about 500 to 700 meals a day to make money and pay for the higher insurance costs, higher license fees (both due to liquor) as well as its land, building, equipment and other expenses.

I do not know about you, but if I were the owner of a major “family restaurant” chain, or even a local franchisee, I would rather build my “family restaurant” at Highway 21 and Interstate 95. There, you have the closeness to Effingham County, 11 motels (500-800 rooms), and I-95 with its 10 million cars a year passing by.  That’s a lot more opportunity to make money. Population is the major contributing factor when chain restaurants decide where they will build.

Let’s be patient; the growth in population will come and will bring with it these “family restaurants” along with many other places to keep our money in Effingham County.  After all, “it’s all about the money,” isn’t it?

Those that seem to be out of patience and are pushing the issue are the landowners and developers.  They have a vested interest and tremendous influence. It’s “all about the money” and there is a lot for them to make.

Really, we do not need liquor to get the “family restaurants.” They will come as the population of the county grows. And you know it will continue to grow. We have a family friendly county, great schools and a little slower pace. Those who have chosen to relocate to Effingham County, chose to do so even though there is no liquor by the drink.

Contrary to what proponents are leading us to believe, it is not a vote for restaurants. It is a vote for liquor. Nowhere in the city referendum nor the county referendum is the word “restaurant” mentioned. When you are in the voting booth, read for yourself, then decide. Why does it have to be “all about the money?”  

Let’s protect our way of life and reap the benefits of growth without the need for liquor in restaurants. Let’s keep Effingham, Effingham. Vote no on the liquor referendum.

Bill Ross