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Some questions for one of the remaining candidates
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Dear Editor,

I sat at the two forums for probate judge and listened as Rick Rafter continuously spoke on how he would have checks and balances for the probate office. We never had anyone question this office until Rick Rafter.

It is now come to my attention that on Oct. 1, 2008, SU08CV447W is the case number filed in Superior Court of Effingham County for a petition of accounting of Rick Rafter’s office. It seems Mr. Rafter did not dispense money from his office in the proper manner.

The forums were held after Oct. 1 but no reporter or any one from the panel asked Mr. Rafter to explain these charges. So you the voters were allowed to go to the polls without having a clear picture of this candidate. I wonder how Ruth Lee let this one go by and the others that publicly endorsed this candidate.

Thank you for all that voted for me. I have enjoyed my 10 years of services, I wish Effingham County well and now this gives you the information you need when you must vote again Dec. 2, 2008, for judge of the probate court.

Judy Suhor