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State superintendent needs to be elected
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Dear Editor:

Tom Crawford’s recent editorial “Should this office still be elected?” refers to the office of Georgia state school superintendent. He thinks not because:

1) Some Georgia elected superintendents have been an embarrassment. One even tried “to eliminate the theory of evolution from the science curriculum.”

2) The General Assembly has limited this office’s powers and duties so only an appointed superintendent is needed. Eliminate the expense of a ballot.

3) Common Core standards need a pathway of “leadership alignment.” An elected superintendent makes alignment difficult.

Frankly, I’m dismayed by his reasoning.

The last high school science textbook I checked, the theory of evolution is being taught as fact. Certainly, no other options or “theories” are taught. I am ashamed that the teaching of science is being used to deny the existence of our Creator. I applaud the choice of Georgia’s voters in electing a person who opposed the teaching of evolution.

The General Assembly needs to restore the powers of the state school superintendent. Educational standards should not be determined by the governor, appointees and the General Assembly by way of “leadership alignment.” We need the voices of educators and parents through an elected office whose responsibilities are the education of our youth.

Dismantle Common Core. Apparently, the math and language arts standards that have served our citizens successfully are being rejected and replaced by common core standards that are foreign to individualization and mastery. Common Core goals are likely to leave every American and every “child behind.”

Elections are a sign of a free people; appointments are a way to control. The state school superintendent needs our vote and voice to defeat harmful curriculums and agendas.

Carolyn Collins
Education Specialist