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The community lost a friend with Jay Spaces passing
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Dear Editor,

Last week a gentleman who served his county well during the days he was without a debilitating illness. After leaving the post as sheriff, Jay Space endured a life of suffering that many of us would never have been able to tolerate.

While in his post as sheriff, he participated in the many activities of the community. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have worked with him on community projects know what an appreciation he had for Effingham County and had the pleasure of knowing a gentleman who could be acknowledged as “a true Southern gentleman.” We owe him a debt of gratitude for his service to this county.

Here was a man that stood the test of time of the illnesses that wracked his body but still had the spirit to fight on. To his wife, Becky; you stood by him and gave him comfort in years of pain and suffering. Now you are both set free from that malady and you can always find comfort in the fact that you stood by Jay until the end. And, Becky, thank you for your continuing care of Jay.

Ruth Lee