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Vote for Chambliss to stop Marxism
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Dear Editor,

The run off between Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin is one of the most important votes Georgians are faced with since Obama has won the presidency. Our country has just elected a Marxist (redistributing the wealth is the essence of Marxism — look it up.)

Martin said he needs to win to support Obama’s agenda.

Radio station WBEZ in 2001 interviewed Sen. Obama (available on He stated “people continue to suffer because there is no government program to take money from the rich and redistribute it to Americans who are less well off.” He felt the Supreme Court “did not break from the restraints of the Constitution during the Civil Rights movement, but it can be done through legislation and administration.”

Here is where your vote for Chambliss is crucial.

Obama with a compliment Congress can do all promised during his campaign and without Chambliss’ vote, we the people will have no voice for at least four years. Mention a few pledges, Obama and Martin will give amnesty and drivers licenses to illegals; your money to people who pay no taxes; raise capital gains taxes; shut down talk radio; strip unions of secret ballots.

Obama’s “change” will be from a republic form of government to a Marxist when his co-chair says he’ll rule.

Liz Bartlett