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Vote is not a step forward for Effingham
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Dear Editor:

It is a sad time for the citizens of Effingham. We have now crossed a bridge that we can’t turn back from, a loss of innocence; the quaint quality that made Effingham so different from Chatham and the surrounding counties has been lost.  

Change for the sake of change is not always the way to go. A congratulations to the Community Progress Council for a deceptive campaign for “full service” restaurants. On my ballot, I did not see the word restaurants mentioned any where. As for the tax relief, I won’t be holding my breath. In 10 years, my taxes have gone up every year, despite the progress and growth. I worry what direction our county is headed.  

Personally I don’t want to be on the roads after the bars open. I will be praying that no one loses a husband, mother, or child to the drunk leaving one of these so called “full service” restaurants. As for me and my family, we plan to only frequent those not serving alcohol. I hope there are others who will do the same.  

Since this is all about the money, I choose to spend mine wisely and not in the bars/full service restaurants soon to be opening in our county. Now we can be called “Little Chatham” instead of Effingham.
Tracie Way