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We don't need a change in sheriff
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Dear Editor,

I was brought up to understand, when you have someone doing a good job for you, you give them credit for a job well done.

This is the kind of person we have in Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie. If you haven’t met him, you have missed someone special. He has such great morals and loves the county he lives in. Jimmy has a great force of men and women working under him, such as Chief Deputy Richard Bush, Chaplain Sgt. Ramsey Mannon and many others, all whom I have met.

If you see Jimmy on the street, he always has time to talk to you. I have heard this from several people. Several officers have told me that Jimmy puts in a lot more than an eight hour day. If they need him late at night, he doesn’t tell them, “We will take care of that in the morning,” even if it means getting out of bed.

If you don’t get the Effingham Herald, then you don’t always here about the drug busts going on in Effingham County. Thanks to Jimmy and his fine staff.

Yes, we need more officers as someone else said, but first, the ones we have must have the proper equipment to do their job. After they have what they need, then hire more officers.

Yes, once again, I say “Vote this July for Jimmy McDuffie for Sheriff.”

Jim Miller