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What day is it Monday?
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Dear Editor,

What day is it?

It is recognized by many as a holiday from work or whatever your daily chores may be.

But it is Memorial Day, and that has a special significance. It is a day set aside to remember and appreciate our veterans. Unfortunately, many fail to fulfill its purpose.

The national conscience seems to be more imbedded in sales, a trip to the beach or some other recreational idea. Think about it, these various and sundry things could not go on as they do so freely in our country, if it were not for the dedication, sacrifice and service of our veterans. From the Revolutionary War to the current war in Afghanistan there are those who have sacrificed their time, their blood and even their life for the freedom we share every day, not just on Memorial Day.

When is the last time you personally thanked a veteran for protecting our freedom? We need to do this; surely they deserve our saying “thank you.”

The Wall in the Veterans Park has 3,892 names. These are real people from Effingham County. They are: Revolutionary War, 250; Civil War, 741; Spanish-American War, 6, World War I, 434; World War II, 1,182; Korea, 354; Vietnam, 607; Gulf War, 191; Afghanistan-Iraq, 127. There are few additional names that have been registered but not yet added to the Wall.

And those killed-in-action: Revolution, 7; Civil, 21; WWI, 3; WWII, 13; Korea, 4; Vietnam, 10; and Afganistan-Iraq, 2. These gave the ultimate sacrifice.

As you begin your day next Monday morning, may I suggest that you think about these veterans. What day is it? It is Memorial Day.

Perhaps you will be able to find time to come to the Veterans Park in Springfield at 6 p.m. to honor these who have served so nobly.

I’ll be looking for you.

Ruth Lee