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What does our tax money do?
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Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to appeal the tax increase on our personal property for this year. My husband and I purchased our property on Highway 17 North in July 1999 and every year it seems our taxes have increased. My husband, children and I have not seen any benefits resulting from these continuous increases in taxes.

We moved to a free standing home because we wanted to raise our children in a rural setting. We don’t mind the hour drive to Savannah because we love our mini farm and are trying to instill in our children the fellowship of small town life.

My husband, Sandy Loper, was raised in Springfield. His father, Reggie Loper, is a county commissioner in Effingham County. Sandy and I are both upset and angry at decisions our county officials have made in what they believe are best for our county. My husband and I did not want to see the county grow to the extent it has because the fellowship of the small town is lost. Now all Effingham has to offer is small scale Savannah. If we wanted small scale Savannah, we would move to the real Savannah.

The elected county officials need to step back and take a close look at what they are allowing the county to become and decide if this is truly good for the people, not certain people’s wallets. Money should not speak louder than the people in the community.

Sandy and Shanna Loper