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When a simple thank you isnt enough
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Dear Editor,

Since 1987, Smithey’s Wrecker Service in Rincon has been in business. We have seen so many changes — widening of Georgia Highway 21 — so many changes in local leadership from city-county managers, police chiefs, county sheriffs and new business coming and going. The worst thing has been the closings of small business, put out by large chains.

This is the one thing that just sets me the wrong way. But this is progress — so we say. The one thing that Smithey’s Wrecker Service will “never” change on is small time business values. We value our many customers who most always become friends. To Smithey’s, this is the true meaning of small business.

We can truly say no one has ever been turned away in an emergency case for the inability to pay — never. In fact, for all our senior citizens and military veterans that do not have the insurance protection for services such as a dead battery, out of gas or keys locked in a vehicle, there has never been a charge, never. We know this is the foundation of our country and these folks are the ones we all should look up to and thank for us being blessed by. But a simple thank you is not enough.

We feel that some of the old-fashioned love and companionship is coming back to our area. For instance, come in the Krystal in Rincon from 7:30 till whenever. Friends that we all grew up with meet there and the crowd is growing. As it was years ago, there are no barriers of any kind. We all eat, talk and laugh together. Why? Because we are all hometown and we all love another, just as God expects us to. I don’t know where you will find this type of fellowship, except here in Effingham County.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that if it as not for Effingham County, folks not being good, solid, loving folks, Smithey’s Wrecker Service in Rincon would have never survived. But a simple thank you is not enough. May God bless each and every person in our great county.

Smithey’s Wrecker Service