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White a good choice for school board seat
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Dear Editor:

I am honored to be among many individuals supporting Reverend Delmons White as he seeks election to the Effingham County Board of Education in District 5. That contest will take place on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. My support for Reverend White is as a direct result of my interaction with him, both in County civic organizations and projects and in my personal dealings and communications with him.

Whenever supporters gather concerning this elective contest, Reverend White’s first comment is that he wants to establish a positive campaign that focuses on what he will accomplish on behalf of the Effingham County citizens and students on the Board of Education. He asserts that he will provide our county with an even more impactful presence. Reverend White remarks that this campaign is not directed against the incumbent, Ms. Vicki Decker; to the contrary he is limited to this particular contest and opponent as a result of where he resides, which is in District 5.

The truth is Delmons White has already made and continues to make a positive influence in Effingham County. His campaign has produced and is distributing an excellent brochure that illustrates his credentials. To say they are impressive is a vast understatement. His life and career represent service. A life-long resident of Effingham County, Reverend White has served as a husband of 43 years to Herlene; as a father of two children and as a grandfather of two; a pastor for 34 years; a 12-year veteran of the armed forces; a business owner; an employee of the Board of Education; a mentor to young boys in a non-profit program; a 90-day appointed term on the Effingham County Board on Education; and service on many community boards.

Delmons White has a platform that includes a safe learning environment; plans for providing all students with tools for their future; and plans for retaining and attracting skilled and caring educators and support personnel.

On a personal note, this newspaper has graciously printed letters to the editor, which reported on my concern about the need to find qualified candidates to declare their candidacy and run spirited campaigns, whether in partisan or non-partisan contests.

For a democracy to run effectively, all incumbent and prospective candidates should make their case to the public. They need to be “vetted.” In effect, if incumbents run unopposed, they are not held to any standard and, therefore, not accountable for their work in their positions. Please do not take my word on the candidacy of Reverend Delmons White for the Effingham County Board of Education in District 5. All candidates running for elected offices in Effingham County, including Ms. Decker and Reverend White, are invited to a candidates’ forum on Thursday, May 5, from 6-9 p.m. at the Mars Theater in Springfield, GA. I believe it is your responsibility as a registered voter to hear what the candidates have to say.

Anthony Chiariello