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Yes vote on referendum will only bring trouble
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Dear Editor,

Wake up, Effingham. Rev. Corbitt brought out everything that I would have liked to say. Are Grace Community and Rincon First Baptist the only churches willing to make a stand?

Several years ago, when people first wanted beer and wine brought into the county, many people, including those who drank, did not want beer and wine in the county. Eventually, through false promises of no increase in taxes because of increased revenues, it was passed. So what have we got now but housing projects galore and people moving here for the good schools and better neighborhoods? Where is the no tax increase? Our taxes have skyrocketed because money hungry commissioners want everyone living on .25 acres of land. School taxes must increase because new schools have to be built.

If our county is ready for some big food chains, then why haven’t we heard from Ryan’s, Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel? If our county isn’t ready for these, it isn’t ready for Ruby Tuesday or Applebee’s.

Instead, we will see the rise of a bunch of little liquor joints that will sell to anyone, any age and we will be dodging more drunks on the road.

We are being fed more lies to justify bringing in liquor to the county. If those newcomers want liquor so bad then let them live in Chatham. Most of us old timers like the county without liquor. We like the peaceful, clean atmosphere.

We live here to stay away from those things in Chatham and don’t want them here in Effingham.

Stand up and vote against bringing more trouble into our county.

Glynn Zeigler