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HB 1251 - “Ga. Tourism Development Act” - Grants a sales tax exemption to a large project (over $100 million) that is projected to be a top tourist attraction. Effective July 1.
HB 1388 - Changes definition of project as it applies to Downtown Development Authorities so that improvements to property that produce energy from renewal sources are included.
SB 339 -Allows electrical and utility contractors to bid on and perform work on any utility system.
SB 368 - Amends the “Fair Business Practices Act of 1975” which prohibits the placement of a local number in a directory when all the number does is to automatically forward to an out of town location or to a toll-free number without a local address. Requires toll-free numbers listed in the directory to state location of business. Also prohibits falsifying a name of a business to mislead the consumer as to the location of the business. Effective Jan. 1, 2011.
SB 374 - Creates the Legislative Economic Development Council which will evaluate the state’s overall economic development strategy and review all state-funded related activities that implement the strategy. Sunsets in 2014. Review will include reviewing Georgia’s total economic development initiatives and evaluate the state’s competitiveness. To be co-chaired by Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House. Upon signature of governor.
SB 523 - Halls of Fame Governance — Changes boards, and creates a joint overview committee.  Requires that the Music and Sports Halls of Fame issue a “Request for Proposal” by Dec. 31, 2010 for counties and cities around the state to have the opportunity to bid on hosting the Halls of Fame due in by July 31, 2010. Upon signature of governor.

Education and youth
SB 84 - Revises requirements for election eligibility of local school board members. Also limits size of boards, revises per diem paid to members, makes the Supt. the Secretary of the Board, defines the roles of board members and superintendents, defines and prohibits conflicts of interest for members and provides for the removal of members of the board. Affects elections after July 1.
SB 239 - Requires children be enrolled in school within 15 days of family relocation.
SB 299 - Amends “Zero Tolerance” Policy — Changes felony charge to second possession of weapon within 1,000 feet of a school unless it is a real or high-powered type weapon. Seeks to give school authority to handle unintentional weapon look-alikes or small toy type violation situations. Upon signature of governor.
SB 387 - Requires Student Finance Commission to provide web-based career awareness information for grades 6-12. Also to provide information to students in grades 8-12 for development of a graduation plan and on successfully transitioning to postsecondary education or to the workforce.
SB 427 - Creates the Ga. Foundation for Public Education as a tax-exempt, public instrument of the state to solicit funds and in-kind contributions of services and property to support educational excellence for state and local schools.
SB 457 - Has to do with an alternative procedure for converting a high school to a charter school within a high school cluster.
HB 400 - The “BRIDGE” Act is a far reaching bill but would not be implemented until funds are appropriated. Seeks to individualize students’ career paths and to encourage earlier career planning, to promote technical high schools and increased concentration on vocational programs and skills. Upon signature of governor.

Note: Legislation without an effective date becomes law on July 1, 2010 unless vetoed by the governor. “Upon signature” means when the governor signs or allows to become law after 40 days without signature.

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Next week: Other education related bills will be discussed including: HB 493, HB 651, HB 907, HB 908, HB 910, HB 923, HB 936, HB 977, HB 1079, HB 1103, HB 1200 and HB 1307.

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