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Passion: A challenge to Christians
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It is getting worse, isn’t it?

The protests. The hatred. The loathing.

From this week’s world-wide May Day protests to the vitriol emanating from commentators and journalists who are tasked with simply reporting the news, we are barraged with images of and messages from people who are angry and upset.

Angry at their lot in life. Angry at this president. Angry at losing the national election last November. Angry at immigration policy. Angry at everything.

In one sense, I admire the passion. For that is what it is – passion, regardless of whether or not it is misplaced or reasonable.

But in another sense, it is nothing more than a reflection of their world view.

That is, their view of the way the world ought to be – with the values they hold dear – is not the way it is working out. And so, they get angry. They protest, they hate, and they loathe.

But, consider these “what ifs.”

Since Christians have their own world-view, what if Christians protested every time a law was passed that was not in accordance with their world-view?

What if Christians took to the streets with as much passion as the protestors today to shout down all those who have views inconsistent with Christianity?

What if every single one of us decided that we would be as passionate about our Christian world-view as we are about our political world-view?

What if we spend as much time around the water cooler discussing how we can change the culture to one that is more Christian than we do one that is more Republican or Democratic?

What would our world look like then?

My guess is that it would look much more like God wants it to look.

The question is, do we have the passion to do it?