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As Americans, we are known as a nation of “givers.” We have always been a refuge for others who face harsh times in their native countries. Most of us pay our taxes on time and are responsible citizens. It seems that, in general terms, Americans are people who “care.”

But we are also a nation of people who grew up believing in, and standing by, our Constitution. We are used to parliamentary procedures …we get to vote. We usually trust in our government to do the right thing. We may not always agree with the way things get done in this country, but there has seldom been anything to get passed through Congress that would shut this country down.

We put up with tax hikes. We put up with the still high cost of gasoline, even when oil has gone from $140 a barrel to somewhere around $45 a barrel (as of Feb. 26). And we’re still paying almost $2 a gallon. You bet the oil companies are still making money. Do not doubt it for a second.

And yet, no one is squawking too loudly about it. We’ll probably never see $1.50 a gallon again because we’ve been “trained’ not to expect it.
That is what our current administration is banking on. We are “trained” to accept things as they are.

There may be something coming down the pike, and it certainly will if we don’t put a stop to it immediately, that will turn this country upside down. It will, most assuredly, be a big ugly rug yanked out from under us.

What is this not-so-pretty-picture I’m painting, you ask?


John Boehner, the House Minority Leader, had it right when he declared, “This legislation is a piece of (insert cuss word)!”

What he didn’t say was, “How dare you do this to the American people!”

Here is what the Democrats propose to do for illegal aliens: Give them legal status 24 hours after their application is filed, even if the background check is not complete.

Taxpayers will foot the bill to pay for attorneys handling illegal alien cases.

The new visas that are to be issued are being touted as temporary visas, but the real deal is is that they can be renewed indefinitely.

Gang members, who are numbered right now at about 30,000 in 33 states (and I am guessing that this number is way underestimated) will simply have to say, “I don’t want to be a gang member anymore” and presto-chango, they’re citizens.

Our tax dollars (the ones we pay every day) will go to Mexico to help them implement better education and health care programs to “incentivize” Mexicans to stay on that side of the border.

Illegals will not have to pay back taxes, but will be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Isn’t that nice?

The 800-mile fence could quite possibly be knocked down to 200 miles, and the SPP (Secure Prosperity Partnership NA Union) would effectively erase the borders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and that gets top priority. No mention of border security, because it’s likely there won’t be any.

Did I mention that illegals will be guaranteed free tuition?

If you have been waiting in line to become a citizen, you’d better step aside because the Mexican illegals get to cut to the front of the line.
The folks who are supposed to be deported back? Amnesty. Cut up to the front of the line.

Any court proceedings involving illegals will get shut down in order for them to apply for amnesty.

And the crowning gem? Learning English will not be required until the ninth year of amnesty.

Now. Why do you suppose this broad gesture of goodwill toward the illegals is being shoved through? Because the Democrats want those votes. These folks will be allowed to vote as soon as they become citizens. And all the money that is being pumped into the stimulus package won’t be spent until they become citizens, going into pet projects designed specifically for the illegals to garner favor and get their votes.

I sure don’t mind someone coming to this country to procure a better way of life for themselves and their families, but by golly, they ought to do it the way everyone else has ever had to do it.

In about five years, there will be no one left in Mexico. They will all be living here, off the government and off of us.

That means there will be lots of land south of the border (oh right … what border?) for us to move into and start all over again.

As Dick Morris put it so well, the Democrats are out to make this country a one-party system. Which will eventually become Socialist if we don’t start acting now.

It’s time to start fighting back, folks.

Don’t get scared. Get mad, and tell your representatives that John Boehner is right.

This legislation is a piece of *#*@!!