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Polly wants a cracker
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Is it just me, or am I the only person left on the planet who believes we should have the death penalty?

A liberal friend of mine sent me an editorial from the New York Times that just railed against the death penalty and how many people have been exonerated due to DNA evidence or other evidence.

That’s all well and good and lucky for them to have that evidence pop up in time to save them from the gallows, but we are a large nation and not all the citizens here behave as they should in an “orderly society.” And quite honestly, if they commit a crime serious enough to land them on death row, then they’re obviously not hangin’ around the right circle of friends.

Why child molesters aren’t immediately taken out behind the building and shot is beyond me, ’cause that’s what I would do if I were a judge.

However, that’s just me.

It’s like a death row inmate said recently on an episode of “Lockup”: “If a convict tells you he’s sorry and acts remorseful, he’s lyin’. Ain’t nobody on death row ever sorry about what they did. That’s a fact.”

Why do I watch “Lockup”? I only watch it once in a while because I want to scare the you-know-what out of my child, that’s why.

“Walk the straight and narrow, kiddo, and don’t hang out with idiots!”  He gets it.  I only live two blocks from the school, but he asks me to drive him every day because it helps him avoid walking the gauntlet that he would otherwise face every morning. At least I know that the route he takes when I drop him off is safer, because I can watch him get to his classroom safely. Having said that, no child is ever safe on or off campus, but he knows enough to avoid throngs of kids and sort of hangs back a little late so as not to be caught up in the crowd at school.

Like a dutiful mother, I wait on the corner for him.

Which brings me to another little nugget of information I read recently.

Beginning with this school year, students in Detroit’s public schools will receive free breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

This is part of a federal law the POTUS signed into law last year — the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

As the chief operating office of that school system said, the program would “eliminate the stigma students feel when they get a free lunch.” How would the kids know who was getting a free lunch anyway? Unless the students told each other...because it’s not like they have to wear a badge or anything, it’s all done through the financial office and all the kids are given cards anyway — what a joke.

Why can’t these kids take a lunch from home? What is so hard about getting a cheese sandwich or a pb&j sandwich from home?

How hard is it for a kid to make his/her own lunch? I have nothing against kids getting a free breakfast or lunch from school, but it should be for the kids who really need it, not all of them. NannyNannybooboo State.

And uh, hello, what is going on with the state of Illinois spending $750 million a year providing state-subsidized babysitting for the poor?

Another big fat booboo on the part of that state — not checking into the backgrounds of the people who were paid to babysit.

Some of those babysitters were child molesters, rapists, and violent criminals who were in charge of the little kids.

Nice one.

Way to go, Illinois.…

What is going on in this country?

Why are there so many people still who think the government should take care of everything? As past experience has shown, the government does nothing but gum up the works.

Gimme laws that work, tax me fairly, and provide a strong military. That’s all I ask. Don’t tell me what to eat or how much salt to use and for heaven’s sake, stop trying to make our country “a level playing field.”

Socialism won’t work.

I know the LDS church likes to help people out when they’re down and out financially, but by golly, it doesn’t come for free. If you get help from the church, you’re expected to work it off. That’s how it should be in this country. If you’re getting a hand out, you should be expected to work off that debt.

And um, taxing the rich even more? Why?  I love how these folks go on national television and talk about how they’d like to pay more taxes ... but you know ... they won’t do it until the government tells them to. What a load of baloney. No one in their right mind wants to pay more taxes. You wanna pay more taxes? More power to you — go for it. But don’t expect the rest of the taxpayers to follow suit.

I’m already ticked that so many of my taxpaying dollars pays for those funions in prison.  You don’t want to be in prison? Then don’t do stupid things!

And for your tidbit of California weirdness, the Sierra Club is trying to save the Golden Trout by driving out — you guessed it — grazing cows.

It’s taking place in an area about 200 miles north of Los Angeles.

I’m not a scientist or ecologist so I don’t see how grazing cows are impeding on the territory of golden trout ... I mean ... one grazes in a meadow and the other swims in a stream. How on earth ... I mean ...what the ... you know ... Gah!

I would stay snug as a bug under the covers on my comfy little bed, but there is way too much whack in the world to miss out on.